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Kia ora koutou,

This is a follow up to yesterday’s notice, bringing you a special instalment of our regular news updates ahead of schedule. As our media monitoring service is now picking up some stories from Canterbury about earthquake damage, we are keen to keep you up to date.

The latest batch of news clippings has been uploaded onto our site, for you to download here. Remember you need to be logged in to view (see the instructions at the end of this email if you have trouble). There is no index for this batch yet, but we’ll put one up shortly.

We’re conscious of the fact that there are still lots of aftershocks (and new shocks) keeping people on edge, and we’ve even felt a few small ones here in Wellington today. It is an unnerving time, and we would like to reiterate our concern and support for our colleagues down south. We have also recieved the following letter of support from Museums Australia, which we would like to pass on, below:

On behalf of Museums Australia, our President (Dr Darryl McIntyre), the National Council and all colleagues in Australia, we wish to send an expression of general concern and support after the tragic effects of the earthquake in Christchurch at the weekend.

Messages have been criss-crossing between particular colleagues across the Tasman since Saturday. I was particularly relieved to see Jenny Harper’s message about the good condition of her gallery – that the McDougall seems to have withstood the earthquake safely. However we still await relays of news about other bodies and custodians of New Zealand’s heritage, and simply wish to express our heartfelt anxiety for the general welfare of all people affected by this natural disaster.

Please accept this general message as conveying our encompassing concern for you all in New Zealand/Aotearoa at this very stressful time, when such devastation and disruption has befallen our good friends and colleagues.

We think of you all keenly at this time.

Bernice Murphy
National Director
Museums Australia

You will have seen from the news coverage that there has been damage to many historic properties in the region, with demolition inevitable for some. This is obviously cause for much sadness, and now questions arise about what happens next. Check out this blog that’s sprung up, covering one resident’s perspective thus far:

Here’s another link to a comprehensive collection of pictures that is being pulled from multiple sources, giving an indication of the quake damage:

And here is yesterday’s blog post from Jenny Harper at Christchurch Art Gallery ‘Emergency HQ’:

Also on the same blog is a post by Librarian Tim Jones, with a small but poignant observation from his library:

Nga mihi nui,

Phillipa and Sophie


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