International Day of Solidarity: Bosnia-Herzegovina cultural institutions close

Monday 4 March was recognised by museums around the world as a day of solidarity to protest the closure of seven major national museums in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Cultureshutdown was marked by the symbolic ‘closure’ of key exhibits, in which at least 225 museums took part.

Auckland Museum marked the day with a guest blog post by Phillipa Tocker, Executive Director of Museums Aotearoa.  In his introduction, Auckland Museum Director Roy Clare deplored museum closures as a short-sighted measure. “Museums add value in the lives of people: the right of access to material culture, to artefacts and heritage collections is a basic human necessity. People deprived of understanding their past stand very little chance of being able to make sense of their future”, he said.

Aotearoa New Zealand has a huge range of museums and galleries, all contributing to our communities in various ways. We hope that we would not let such a disaster happen here.


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